• Senior Pastor:  Bruce McKanna

    Bruce grew up in Ohio as a pastor's kid, but he didn't sense his own call to ministry until after college.  He studied History and Social Sciences with Secondary Education at Cedarville University, later completing seminary training at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  He is married to Katie, and they have been blessed with two sons:  Jack and Andrew.  Bruce served as the associate pastor at EFCMM from 2002-08, and as our senior pastor since 2008.  He counts it one of God's great gifts to be able to shepherd this flock.  Email Bruce.

  • Associate pastor:  Logan murphy

    Logan met his wife Michelle at Lee University, which is near his hometown in southeast Tennessee, though she is originally from Florida.  Logan joined our staff at the beginning of 2018, graduating from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School later that spring.  During their time in Mt. Morris, God has given Logan and Michelle two delightful children:  John and Eliana.  Logan's primary responsibilities are for our Youth and Worship Ministries.  Email Logan.

  • MInistry Assistant:  Linda Stranberg

    Linda and her husband Keith have been members of EFCMM since 1996.  Their wedding ceremony took place here, and they raised their now young adult children in the church.  Linda has served in several ministries, including the Missions Ministry Team, Fellowship Team, and teaching summer Sunday School. As our Ministry Assistant, Linda works administratively to support the work of our pastors and facilitates various congregational ministries.  Email Linda.

  • Secretary:  Peggy Berry

    Peggy has been a part of this church since childhood, and so it was especially meaningful for her to join our staff as secretary in 2016.  She is always ready to welcome those who stop by our office, or to pray with someone in need over the phone.  Peggy and her husband Steve have also been long-time Sunday School teachers for our preschool class.  Their adult daughter Bethany is also a part of our ministry, and they live in the neighboring community of Oregon.  Email Peggy.

Council of Elders and Servant Board

Our Council of Elders has the responsibility of shepherding and oversight, giving spiritual leadership to the congregation.

Chair:  Chester Hilty

Senior Pastor:  Bruce McKanna

Associate Pastor:  Logan Murphy

Shawn Ortgiesen

Scott Rozanas

Todd Wehler

Our Servant Board is made up of our Council of Elders (above) plus all of our deacons, who have responsibility for various ministries.

Secretary:  Diana Stahl

Treasurer:  Ferol Labash

Facilities:  Al Hess

Small Groups:  Bruce McKanna

Outreach:  Joyce Long

Missions:  Linda Stranberg

Women:  Mari Vesey

Youth, Worship:  Logan Murphy

Women's Helps:  Judy Nixon

Men's Helps:  Keith Stranberg