Ready to use Elexio Community?  Follow this link:

Need more help?  Read below.

Note:  The directory information is intended to allow the congregation to get to know one another and stay in touch.  Please do not use this information to for solicitation (selling products, promoting other organizations, etc.).

Getting Started

Elexio Community is our church management software, and it allows EFCMM congregants to access basic information online and by smartphone app.  This includes a church directory, ministry calendar, online giving, and child check-in to nursery (via the app).  For ministry leaders (Sunday School teachers, small group leaders, etc.), it also provides a way to contact your group.


Start from the link above to use in a browser.  To use the app instead, search the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store for “Elexio Community.”  Once you’ve opened the app, you will need to add “efcmm” to the first line, so that it looks like the link in the previous section.


When it asks you to log in, click “Forgot Password.”  You will then enter your email address (that you have already provided to the church office), and it will send you a password.  If you want to change it later to something that you can remember better, you may do so after you log in.


You will be able to see basic information about yourself and others who are regular attenders at EFCMM.  You may update your own information, including a photo.  In fact, we strongly encourage you to add a photo of yourself as this will serve as a way for people to learn names and recognize faces.  It does not need to be a formal portrait, but please make it picture that will allow people to identify you.

Can anybody see this information online

No.  Only those who have an email address already in our system can obtain a password to log in.  You can edit your own information, but not that of others.  If you wish to have some of your information invisible to everyone, you may edit your profile accordingly or ask our office to do so.