God created us as much more than bodies, but we cannot focus on spiritual needs to the neglect of physical needs.  As a church, we give practical care to those in need within our fellowship in a variety of ways.  We have a team of women who serve those who are homebound either through advanced age or recent hospitalization.  We have a team of men who help with moving or simple home/auto repairs for those who do not have other family to help.  Through our Helping Hand fund, we provide occasional assistance to those in crisis in our community.

other ministries

On a Sunday morning, you'll see ushers helping you find your way to a classroom or a seat in our Sanctuary.  There are other people in the kitchen to make coffee and treats for InnerMission.  Behind the scenes, volunteers keep our facilities clean, inviting, and functional.  Others plan and coordinate special events... that usually include food!  Biblical fellowship is more about our shared faith in Christ, but it is often expressed over a shared meal.  We are thankful for the many people who put in many hours to encourage the life of a healthy church family.