Name change proposal:  Frequently asked questions

Why are we considering a name change?


The Evangelical Free Church of Mt. Morris (or EFCMM) is very long and does not communicate as effectively in a time when far fewer people are aware of or identify with a particular denomination.  Thus, the Congregational Christian Church of Stillman Valley changed its name to the Red Brick Church.  Leaf River Baptist Church is currently discussing a change as well.  Most importantly, we want a biblically meaningful name that reflects our identity and mission.


Would changing the name mean we are no longer affiliated with the EFCA?


If the name is changed, we would continue to be affiliated with the EFCA, and that would be evident on our signage, website, etc.  Other EFCA churches do not include the denomination in their name, such as Ashton Bible Church, Hope Bible Fellowship (Dixon), and Christ Church Sterling.  Even those who have it in their name often shorten it, such as First Free (Rockford) or Park Hills Church (Freeport).


Is the name Radiant Church tied to another denomination or movement?


There are many churches with this name around the country, and while those nearest to us (Cedar Rapids, IA, and Springfield, IL) are affiliated with the Assemblies of God, it is not exclusive to that denomination.  Churches with Radiant in their name are in a variety of traditions, including the EFCA (2), Southern Baptists (5), Converge (5), Evangelical Covenant (1), Great Commission Collective (2), Acts 29 (6), and Wesleyan (at least 3). 


There are indeed some churches called Radiant in other states that we would not want to be associated with because of their teachings, etc., but there are also others we would love to emulate.  See or


Doesn’t “radiant” sound vaguely New Age?


While we cannot control what connotations and associations people have, we do not believe this is what most people think when they hear this word.  Many businesses have adopted it for its positive connotations (for example, Radiant Credit Union:  The Power to Shine).  Churches use it because of its biblical basis (primarily Eph 5:27 NIV or Ps 34:5, but others as well).  When understood in context of Ephesians 5:25-27, it is powerfully Christ-exalting and gospel-centered.


What if I have another idea for a new name?


While you are welcome to offer suggestions, we cannot turn each one into a proposal.  We will see this one through before we decide whether or not to offer another proposal.


Where does this proposal go from here?


If the elders believe there is enough interest among the congregation to take it to a vote, we will do so at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, July 21.  If approved at that time, the name will not change immediately.  A team would be formed to work on the project (logo, website, advertising, etc.) and develop a timeline for reintroducing EFCMM as Radiant Church.